About Us

Who We Are

Indus Heritage Trust (IHT) was founded in 2004 as a “Not-for-profit” organization. Pakistan has a rich heritage in arts and crafts and we created IHT with the aim to preserve and promote it.

We exist to weave better opportunities for rural women artisans while creating a socially motivated lifestyle brand that can create beautiful products local, national and international markets. 

We strive to provide economic opportunities for the rural population of Pakistan in their own communities that is mutually respectable, ethical and inclusive. Our artisans are women of substance who create magic with their  craft. Our business model, provides sustainable livelihood opportunities to women while minimizing the impact of displacement caused by migration to cities.

What We Do

In an industrialized world where mass production by machines drives consumption, we are staunchly committed humans, preserving centuries old crafts and traditions. We do this by creating products that are not mass-produced and  do not believe in “fast fashion”. Central to our work are our brilliant rural women who bring their indigenous skills to life. We provide the a platform to connect them to the world through designing and marketing their beautiful handmade items.

Our Mission

To create a win-win equation for artisans and consumers. The ore of our work is focused on building an enabling  environment that helps marginalized women reach their full potential while graduating from artisans to entrepreneurs independently producing and marketing their products. In our pursuit for preserving traditions, we are creating an equal and sustainable future for the artisans of Pakistan.