About Us

Who We Are

Indus Heritage Trust (IHT) is a not-for-profit organization established in Pakistan. Founded in 2004, we aim to preserve and promote Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. By supporting our team of women artisans from South Punjab and North Sindh, we empower marginalized communities and initiate substantial change. 

Traditionally, women created products from their homes. Despite being immensely skilled, these women miss out on a number of opportunities as a result of the strict gender norms within their society. They work in the informal sector which is characterized by low wages and tough working conditions. These women are skilled in a number of embroidery techniques, but due to societal pressures and the lack of access to a wider market, they are unable to build their business.

Pakistan’s craft sector needs to be revived; or else centuries-old traditional culture and ancestral knowledge will vanish. It is our responsibility to train these women and transform them into entrepreneurs who can independently produce and market products. By providing them access to a wider market, these women are able to create luxury products.

IHT is committed to cultural preservation which is why we choose to work with ancient embroidery techniques such as chunri, ralli and block printing. We work with artisans to refine their heritage stitches; providing them with contemporary designs to transform into unique homewares and apparel. We exist to weave better opportunities for rural women artisans while creating a socially responsible lifestyle brand by creating beautiful products for local and international markets.

We keep our team lean. This is to ensure that all our profits are directed back to our artisans. We take pride in being different. Our artisans are the heart and soul of our company. IHT uses an innovative approach to support these women in securing their financial futures. We provide fair wages, a safe working environment and access to a wider market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our women artisans into entrepreneurs. We want to build their capacity to produce crafts at a larger scale, strengthen their social capital and increase their networking opportunities. We believe that women artisans empowered to engage with the market directly will truly revolutionize Pakistan’s craft sector. By proving these women with economic independence, we aim to create a sustainable future for the rural communities of Pakistan.