“BAAGH” Project with UNESCO

With the collaboration of women artisans in Punjab with several organizations, an exhibition was held to present hand embroideries as an art form. Using local materials and traditional embroidery techniques, the design team at IHT collaborated with consultants and artisans from Punjab to create artistic installations. A number of art schools sent in their students to participate in the event as well. The three-day exhibition took place at the Alhamra Art Center in Lahore and it effectively captured Pakistan’s ethnic diversity and ancient knowledge. The artwork communicated the rich culture and history of the region within a contemporary context.

The embroideries presented in this exhibition were the result of a uniquely collaborative and creative process. Working with traditional cultural designs and indigenous embroidery stitches, the artisans and designers shared their expertise to create a series of large-scale installations which were inspired by the rich cultural history of Punjab. The art celebrated collaborative reinterpretation and allowed the artisans to find new ways of seeing their own work. Due to the success of this project, UNESCO wanted to showcase the artwork at one of their board meetings, but this did not materialize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.