World Bank ThreeDay Regional Stakeholder Consultation Creative Industries

Indus Heritage Trust collaborated with the World Bank to organize a consultative dialogue. The purpose of this event was to interact with local and regional stakeholders to develop a strategy to a promote artisan livelihoods in Pakistan. IHT invited craft organizations, NGO’s, microfinance organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, designers, artists and craftspeople to meet the regional players from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. IHT is currently on a long-term proposal in support of its defined objectives to submit to the World Bank.

The main objectives of the event were:

  • To clearly identify the strengths and constraints of the artisan sector 
  • To conduct a detailed value chain analysis - To explore and suggest innovative tools and mechanisms to address these constraints that can be piloted through projects
  • To create linkages between artisans from different countries
  • To bring artisans into Pakistan’s mainstream marketing because successful creative industries can contribute millions to the economy and strengthen the country’s socio-economic stability