Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF)

IHT has partnered with the government of Punjab to several projects which are underway and ongoing.

Skills for Market Linkages – SFML (2018-2019)

Funded by the Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) and initiated in March 2018, the SFML project has been implemented in three districts of Punjab. Under the scheme, a total of 200 individuals from the regions of Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur and Lodhran have been trained with hand embroidery. The training program includes the training of initial core skills, business management modules, project work and market linkages. The project aimed to establish adequate market linkages with several product buyers, provide micro-finance for establishing new businesses and empowering rural women to set up their own business.

Punjab Skills Development Program (2019)

Under this project, a total of sixteen residents from the district of Bahawalpur in Punjab are being trained. The objective of this project is to shape the future wellbeing of the vulnerable youth of Pakistan by giving them access to training of the highest standard and linking them to a wider market. This project focuses on training related to the textile and fashion design sectors so that they can find sustainable employment and income generating opportunities in Pakistan and beyond.