Pilot Project on Refugee Women Artisanal Craft Production through MADE 51 Initiative

In collaboration with UNHCR under project MADE51, IHT have started working with Afghan Refugees in Swabi and Haripur districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This project focuses primarily on addressing the income generation issues of registered refugee women by providing them access to wider markets and the opportunity to capitalize on their artisanal skills. 

This project is linking uneducated and marginalized refugee women to business entities in Pakistan. Thus, enabling them to have access to better manufacturing and input supplies. The selected business entities will work with the refugee women, supporting their activities through marketing and access to national and international markets. Project aims to improve their income generating capacity and ultimately aid them in improving livelihood development opportunities, in order to enhance their self-reliance. In addition, it will also improve refugee prospects for sustainable reintegration upon their return to Afghanistan.