Siddiqa Saeed Malik


Siddiqa Malik is a graduate of the College of Home and Social Sciences, Lahore. Her first venture in public life was as an entrepreneur starting in early seven ties and continuing over next fifteen years. She successfully launched Pakistani couture to the US market gaining experience in retail marketing. She added to her activities, pro-active participation in charities, philanthropic activities and became a dynamic member of non-government and private voluntary organizations. She has over thirty years of experience in all these fields.

In the early eighties, she was an active member of APWA management committee in Islamabad.

From 1986to 1989, she served as President of the United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) in Rome, Italy. In the nineties she helped organize functions in Sri Lanka introducing Pakistan’s crafts and designers and in Bangladesh introduced Pakistan’s “sufi music” by arranging shows of Abida Parveen. More recently, Siddiqa Malik has played an active role in organizing support for the 2005Earthquake victims who were provided shelter in the H-11 camp in Islamabad. She introduced the Institute of Development Studies and Practices (IDSP) to theH-11 Camp to motivate and promote self-reliance among the earthquake victims. She has served as Chairperson of Pakistan Chapter of Concern for Mental Health, a UK based NGO.

Ms.Siddiqa Malik was elected Chairperson of Indus Heritage Trust in 2011 and continues to hold that position to this day by being unanimously re-elected through successive elections. This is an honorary post that she is serving as a volunteer. As Chairperson of IHT, Siddiqa is leading and guiding successful implementation of Japanese Social Development Fund supported Project RANG in collaboration with the World Bank and other project.

Ms. Siddiqa Malik has been awarded a shield of recognition for her support of the 2005 earthquake victims, by the Government of Pakistan.

Mehreen Aslam

Program Manager

Mehreen’s passion and heart is evident in the fieldwork ofprogram implementation and operational tasks. Working collaboratively withmultiple stakeholders and donors she creates and implements effectiveoperational frameworks and processes that help make the program run smoothlywhile building the rural women’s confidence. Her responsibilities also includeproject management, planning, execution, coordination, evaluation andinspection.

Mehreen has vast experience indevelopment sector. She holds MSc in Economics (2007-009) and Ms in Projectmanagement (2018-20) degrees. She is committed with IHT from last 5 years. Hercare and passion is present everywhere in every interaction, every relation,every event and every project

Schezreh Murtaza

Business Development and Communications Head

With over 10 years experience in the field of writing and journalism, Schezreh has been the consultant
content writer for many of Pakistan's top tier companies such as PepsiCo and has represented Pakistan all over the world in her 15 year association with American NGO, Seeds of Peace (SOP).

She has also received rigorous training in a dialogue facilitation workshop from Harvard University. Schezreh was previously heading the English department at Lahore Grammar School and later assumed the role of Sub Editor with prominent fashion and lifestyle magazine, Niche Lifestyle before starting her passion project, The Writers Den, an English Language center with students
all over the globe. 

Hafsa Rashid

Senior Program Officer

Hafsa has nine years of experience in the social and development sector and is currently handling the social media and
marketing for Indus Heritage Trust. She has been in charge of managing the training projects at IHT and has also supervised several operations in the field areas. Hafsa is also a member of the business development department for the development of projects and programs.

Naveed Ahmed

Production Coordinator

Naveed completed his BS Economics degree from Islamia University in Peshawar in 2015. He has diverse experience in production
and management and has been working on fabric sourcing, order management, event management and production for IHT

Raabia Waheed

Junior Designer

Raabia completed her bachelors degree in textile designing from Iqra University in Islamabad. Her areas of expertise include
surface embellishment, print design and weaving. She has been working at IHT as a Junior Designer for one year now and has experience working in design development, sampling prototypes and working with our artisans. Raabia has a unique artistic ability which can be described as a refreshing mix of eastern and western cultures.

Farwa Ijaz

Assistant Designer

In 2018, Farwa completed her BS degree in textile designing from Iqra University in Islamabad. She began her career in the same year as a textile designer at Mohtaram and now has experience in both the technical and design aspects of a project. She developed “print pattern” and is adept with digital platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Excel. Farwa uses her talent to create innovative and unique designs which have the power to enrich the overall look of any product. We are lucky to have her on our team.