Our Team

Siddiqa Saeed Malik



Siddiqa Malik is the chairperson of Indus Heritage Trust, she joined the trust in 2007. She has the passion for the cultural heritage of sub-continent and empowering the women. 

is a graduate of the College of Home and Social Sciences in Lahore. She is a natural entrepreneur at heart! She was a member of the APWA (All Pakistan’s Women Association) management committee in Islamabad. She served as President of the United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) in Rome, Italy. She also introduced Pakistani crafts to Sri Lanka and played a vital role in the 2005 Earthquake recovery. She introduced the Institute of Development Studies and Practices (IDSP) to the H-11 Camp to motivate and promote self-reliance among the earthquake victims.

She has served as Chairperson of Pakistan Chapter of Concern for Mental Health, a UK based NGO which treats victims of mental illness in Pakistan and informs and educates their family members and care takers how best to cope with this challenge.

In 2011, Siddiqa was elected as Chairperson for Indus Heritage Trust and continues to hold that position. This is an honorary post that she is serving as a volunteer. Siddiqa is leading and guiding the successful implementation of several development and social enterprise projects.

Mehreen Aslam

Program Manager

Mehreen has a passion for program implementation and operations. She has worked with multiple stakeholders and donors and has developed the skills to create and implement effective operational frameworks and processes that enable the program to run smoothly. She uplifts the confidence of the rural women we work with. Mehreen has several talents which include project management, planning, execution, coordination and evaluation of projects.



Hafsa Rashid

Senior Program Officer

Hafsa has seven years of experience in the social and development sector and is currently handling the social media and marketing for Indus Heritage Trust. She has been in charge of managing the training projects at IHT and has also supervised several operations in the field areas. Hafsa is also a member of the business development department for the development of projects and programs.